The 3Ts to a Collaborative 2016!

Happy Collaborative 2016

Collaboration is not just a one-time gesture nor is it being submissive to others’ demands. Collaboration is reflected in the spirit we carry on an ongoing basis.

As per our recent DAIC Survey, participants rated themselves highest on “I don’t mind sharing my knowledge freely and actively to help achieve goals”.

Well, this strongly points to the fact that we are inherently collaborative in nature. We do like to share, but at a workplace, this spirit can be discouraged because of various factors, some of them being: Únhealthy Competition, Politics & Gossips, Unresolved Grievances etc.

These factors can be murderous to the growth of an organization and unfortunately, these negative factors grow over a period of time. The strong roots and foundation decay gradually. And this further significantly affects the long-term visions and plans!

So what can a Leader do?

Here are the 3Ts for the New Year 2016:

1- Talk

Talk to your team-members often not only about their grievances or concerns but also about their aspirations. Find out what they feel their ‘calling’ is and see how you and the organization can contribute to that. Let them express themselves and create a flexible funnel to channelize them.


2- Train

Train your team-members not only on the yearly training plans but also encourage them to hold group-training sessions within the team. Let each of your team-members conduct at least one training session in 2016. Help them identify their strengths, build the curriculum and share the respective knowledge.


3- Be Transparent

Become Transparent in your actions, and no, it will not let you look less authoritative. True authority is really established when the leader does more than guides or tells. Transparency helps set bench-marks and promotes actions over opinions and contemplations. Transparency calls for honesty and integrity and helps not only build a person’s but also organization’s character. So share your visions and aspirations, and how they align with team’s success. Do this often and you will be surprised with the positive energy this builds!


We hope that you found the tips useful and let us know your opinions about building a Collaborative 2016!

Unconference: Chapter 2

On Dec 20th 2015, we conducted another round of Unconference.

The Unconferences that we host are a series of informal get-togethers with a few Business and HR Leaders, up to 10 leaders, to address and find solutions to several Learning and Talent Development related challenges that occur at the workplaces.

Last time we addressed ‘Need for Collaboration’ and this time we took up the theme of ‘Developing Healthy Competition’. We derived this theme post our DAIC Survey that helped us acknowledge the need to ‘Transform Unhealthy Competition to Healthy Collaboration’ in teams.

We had Surya Mohapatra, Head Knowledge and Capability, conduct a live webcast to share his experiences.

His session was extremely insightful as he gave tips on how to – develop a culture of collaboration, nurture value systems and become a Collaborative Leader!

Stefan Gebert, our Principal Consultant, too conducted a live webcast on ‘How Inherent Motivation Drives Collaboration’.

He helped us value the need for collaboration ‘not because we have to but because we choose to’.

In the words of one of our guests “Invite me each time you conduct an Unconference!”.

Unconference Chapter 2

The webcasts and discussions were so meaningful and lively that the Unconference stretched much past it’s actual closing time. Everybody wanted to share and learn more!

At Collaborative Climate, we are very proud that we are contributing to focused informal or formal learning and facilitating a culture of collaboration. And to attend an Unconference, our guests don’t have to pay any fee.

If you would like to be part of the next Unconference, please write to us at