Unconference: Chapter #3

‘One of the biggest pleasures of life is being in a company that inspires and encourages’!

Through the Unconferences that we host, we get to create and facilitate an environment that provides such a company to every participant.

On Jan 23rd, we hosted the 3rd Chapter of the Unconference series wherein we invite Business and (mostly) HR Leaders to participate in an informal discussion with a closed-group of peers across organizations.

This time the topic of discussion was ‘Employee Engagement through Technology’.

Himanshu Miglani, Lead Learning and Development at Escorts, was the pace-setter for this Unconference. He presented so many ideas about what Employee Engagement really is and why the best organizations are best and the types of robust measures they take to engage and involve their employees.

Himanshu's session

Kapilesh, Head Learning and Development at RSPL and Rupinder Singh, Manager Learning Services at Ameriprise, talked about 3M philosophy and even need for innovation. That it’s important to ‘let the employees look for unsolved things in the world’!

Kap's Insights

Jalaj Vermani, HR Head – North India at IndusInd, shared the employee engagement measures taken at IndusInd.

Jyoti, Sr. Instructional Designer, referred to the need for E-learning and Mobile Learning at workplace and Anju, HR Head – North India at Vodafone had a lot too to contribute to this discussion.

Pallavi Katoch and Rupinder Kaur, our Principal Consultants not only shared insights but also prepared a quiz to check the tech-quotient of the invited!


Shweta Sharma, our Principal Consultant, shared the ‘Moments of Engagement’ at work and the types of technologies available to engage employees in aspects such as L&D, Team and Work Culture etc.

As feedback, Kapilesh: This information is superb and am making notes.

Rupinder Singh: Am glad we chimed in; nobody looked at the clock for any presentation to get over.

We ended on a very sweet and grand note with Anju’s birthday celebrations.

Anju's Bday

If you would like to be part of the next Unconference, please write to us atcontact@collaborativeclimate.com