Unconference: Chapter #4

One of the best ways to bring out the best is brain-storm, debate and discuss and that’s exactly what intensely happens at our Unconferences.

On Feb 27th 2016, we hosted Unconference Chapter #4 at our office in Kailash Colony, Delhi, India. The theme and topic of discussion was ‘Becoming Credible HR’. Definitely, a very burning and relevant topic to our times of Organizational Development.

The Unconferences that we host are a medium to facilitate informal and peer learning; and we don’t charge our guests for that! We genuinely want real and meaty discussions to happen so everybody gets to take back their share of authentic learning.

In this Unconference, just so many ideas and thoughts poured in that, as always, 2.5 hrs just weren’t enough and now we are planning to host the next Unconference (Chapter #5) on ‘Becoming Credible HR Part-2’! Will share details soon, for now, here’s an excerpt:

Mr. Rajesh Tripathi, VP and HR Head at Gujarat Heavy Chemical Ltd., was like the true pace-setter who asked many controversial questions and shared his views on the topic such as “Who stops HR personnel to do HR?”. He did share his feelings that HR in general is a lot under stress to prove its merit.

Mr Tripathi

Mr. RS Velmurugan, Chief Manager Training at GAIL, added that, in general, HR doesn’t have much role-clarity and that we sometimes wonder that ‘should we be Credible HR to our boss or Credible HR to the employees?’!

Mr. Jalaj Vermani, Sr. Manager HR at AU Financiers, mentioned that HR is like a mother and more so in current times, a Working Mother!

Ms. Arpita Kuila, HR Head at NEC opined that HR needs to be very apolitical and we need to strongly focus on knowing ‘what to say and when’.

Ms. Kuila

Mr. Ajay Bhatia, HR Head at Innodata, added that we need to create small successes for our people and to this Ms. Anju Sabharwal, HR Head at Vodafone, added that we must choose the battles that we need to fight.

Ms. Rupinder Kaur, our Principal Advisor & Consultant, said that we need to have deep knowledge and a lot of patience to overcome the urgent and important challenges that we face.

Ms. Shweta SA, our Principal Consultant, mentioned how HR has evolved over the years and that today we must acknowledge and plan when the Director of our organizations says ‘Make it Happen’ and to this Mr. Akhil Bahl, our Principal Consultant, shared some of the best-practices across industries.

We talked on many more aspects such as role of Education, Big Data etc.

There were just really so many thoughts and ideas that our guests and consultants discussed that it’s so overwhelming to summarize in short-bites such as this blog!! Therefore, we felt the need to facilitate Part-2 of this theme.

We deeply thank again each of our guests for making the Unconference so lively, real and eye-opening for everybody present in the room. It was so truly an Unconference!

CC Core

Some quick feedback-quotes:

Mr. Bhatia: I totally enjoyed my evening.

Ms. Kuila: It was really a wonderful informal learning experience.

Look forward to more in this space and if you would like to be invited for an Unconference, please write to us at contact@collaborativeclimate.com.