RoI of Learning

RoI of Learning

You take your kid out for a party and at the dinner table, a lady guides your kid how to fold a napkin, something you haven’t taught your kid yet. You just watch how the lady tutors; and how the kid learns and practices the learning.

What is most likely to happen the next time you and your kid’s at the dining-table? Tick as many below:

1- remind your kid about the session with that lady?
2-  most likely, you would’ve forgotten about that session?
3-  make fun or ignore if the kid’s trying to replicate that session’s learning?
4-  appreciate if the kid’s trying to replicate that session’s learning?

Points # 1&4 above closely reflect what ‘Return on Investment’ (RoI) of Learning is.

As per latest Global Trends in People Development and Human Resources, Learning is steadily amongst top 4 priorities for organizations. So while Learning is a top priority, RoI of Learning tags along and why not, the business leaders do have the right to know what the people learnt and applied and how well the money was spent!

Essentially, RoI of Learning cumulates these factors,

–          Support and encouragement from the peers, colleagues

–          Support and encouragement from the management, esp. immediate manager

–          Relevance of learning, customization of learning content

None of the above factor is more important than the other. Each factor has its unique strength and importance in assuring that the learning is applied.

RoI or let’s say Learning Effectiveness Evaluation is about the nourishment you provide via the above listed factors to realize the desired learnt behaviour and skills from an individual. Just enrolling them (not only kids but also adults) to a learning event – classroom session, ELearning, experiential workshop etc. – is not enough. It has to be supported with some chain-reactions aka follow-ups and reminders as you not only save the efforts made earlier but you also discover more – discover more about the individual and the path to future!

While there are many theories as part of Instructional Designing and even Design Thinking to explore and study RoI, here are some easy to adopt ways to embed the learning:

1 Ask the learner(s) to share the lessons in a forum – can be documented too.

2 Give project based assignments post learning event – encourage creativity here.

Design assessments – spread these over a period of time.

4 Generate ideas for progress – to upgrade existing content or for next steps.

5 Initiate competency based learning designs

Otherwise like Cheshire Cat said to Alice, “if you don’t have a destination to reach to, all the roads are the same”!


Shweta Sharma

Instructional Designer and Learning Facilitator

Founder & Partner-Collaborative Climate

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