Gratitude for Collaborative Spirit


World celebrated Gratitude Day on 21st September and this is how Solomo Media Pvt Ltd celebrated.

They placed post-its on each colleague’s desk telling them how grateful they are to have them in the team!

Acknowledgement and Appreciation are indeed the back-bone of Collaborative Spirit in a team.

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Little Free Library Project

Spirit of Collaboration

Little Free Library Project is an initiative to promote reading through community engagement.

In these public booths, people take a book while they leave a book for others to read.

Give and Take is part of a Collaborative Community & Team really!

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Case Study | Negotiating Conflicts

At Collaborative Climate, our endeavor is to promote the Value of Collaboration and how it can benefit not only organisations but also the employees professionally and personally in their path to progression.

Last week we conducted workshops on Negotiating Conflicts for a big Indian MNC – GHCL – that has manufacturing plants across Indian states.

Negotiating Conflicts

The purpose of the workshop was to groom Engineers not only in preventing and handling regular conflicting situations at work with multiple stake-holders but also be able to negotiate for a Win-Win!

About the participants: they have to deal across the hierarchies at the plant-location to ‘Get Things Done’. In the process, they need to be in constant conversations and up-to-date with each divisional head and supervisor. Now this can be highly challenging and even stressful giving room to potential conflict!

We facilitated a two-day instructor-led workshop and this project did not include any Effectiveness Evaluation measure beyond Kirkpatrick Level-1 of Effectiveness Evaluations. So it was a challenging task to ensure that we make the workshop so robust that there is an instant and visible transformation of thought-process and skills.

How we did that? This is how:

–          Built customized and easy to understand and adopt models as per the learning needs for them.

–          Analysed the knowledge and application gaps by studying critical incidents and real-life scenarios.

–          Imbibed the above two in the customized training content that included varied methods to Accelerate Learning.

Result? Received highly favorable response by the participants, HR Leaders and Plant Heads with statements such as:

Colourful Thumbs Up Like“This is the best training the participants claim to have gone through.”

“There’s a new way of thinking now and am eager to get back with freshness and positivity.”

“The situations we discussed really helped me to look at similar situations from different perspectives.”

Negotiating during a conflicting situation is a very difficult task as one can get stuck in the issues related to other’s personality and lose focus on the conflicting problem at hand.

We are glad that we were able to successfully guide the participants.

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