Overcoming Silo Mentality!

Overcoming Silo Mentality!

Technology, Strictly process-driven approach and Highly competitive environments have brought up a phenomena, called as ‘Silo Mentality’, in today’s workplaces. People working with this mentality are highly prone to issues related to ‘sense of self-importance’.

Our DAIC Model of Collaboration says:

Direction: a Leader should devise an R&R that promotes collaboration and not unhealthy/cut-throat competition.

Affinity: people need to look at each other’s positives and see how they can create something bigger than themselves.

Interest: the personal sense of contribution to the task and team-members need to increase and be strong.

Channel: the areas and platforms of getting together must be ergonomically designed that promote Collaborative Spirit and Climate!

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Unconference: Chapter #11

The wonderful thing about learning is that when we go through it, we feel humbled and even ecstatic by the enlightenment!

On January 20th 2017, we concluded our Unconference #11 with the topic of Innovations in HR and what a great Collaborative and Informal Learning experience really.

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Business and HR Leaders from different organisations again came together to brainstorm best-practices along with must-do practices for the range of innovations required in HR and for People Development.

As the Pace Setter, Mr Alok Narain | Executive Vice President – HR at Quatrro Global Services | facilitated a great discussion and shared his thoughts too.

We thank Mr Narain and team at Quatrro for Hosting and Sponsoring the event.

Here’s an excerpt of the discussion:

Mr Narain opened the discussion by some relevant and deep questions to pique everybody’s thought-process and also shared different methods they apply to be an Innovative HR such as: widely asking employees on ‘what can be their significant contribution to Quatrro’ – this helps them in encouraging and engaging the employees.

Image 1

Mr Sabih Kidwai, Director HR at Schneider, helped in seeing how HR is a catalyst in not only helping the people of the organisation but also in assisting Business take right decisions.

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Mr Gaurav Vasu, Lead – Global Market Intelligence and Analytics at HCL, talked about their initiative ‘Ideapreneurship’ for internal seeding, at HCL, of thoughts and ideas that are further even taken up as full-fledged businesses. He shared example of Air BNB that how they encourage and engage employees and offer Innovative HR.

Mr Ajay Tyagi, Ex CHRO at Dalmia Group, reflected that Innovation means different things to different people and organisations and Mr Rupinder Singh, AVP L&D at Ameriprise, added here how problem solving is different from innovation and that how it appeals to different parts of the brain, of course, the latter enlightens the humor quotient and encourages light-heartedness. He talked about Ideashare at Ameriprise where they give Private and Protected environment and space to employees to ideate and innovate.

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Mr Sandeep Kumar, AVP HR at Sodexo, shared various methods he has applied as part of his assignments in HR from hiring to gifts to employees. Such as once they decided not to hire engineers from top schools for certain reasons and that it actually helped them increase productivity and loyalty quotient within the company. He added that whatever you do, do with heart and spirit and own it together.

Mr Mayuk Dasgupta, Head Projects & Alliances at Aditya Birla Group, mentioned his research in organisational culture and that how innovation is part of the entire culture itself. Here leaders play a very important role in facilitating innovation and in doing things differently.

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Mr Anil Rathore, Ex CHRO at Indiabulls, added that for every innovation there’s a necessity first and there are actually levels for innovation, first being ‘need’ and second being ‘desire to change the status quo’.

Mr Deepak Bharara, Ex CHRO Lanco and Chief Collaborator at Collaborative Climate, added that HR is an enabler and he talked about various Rewards and Recognition systems they created in order to encourage Innovation.

Ms Bela Soni, Manager – Market Intelligence at HCL, talked about the need for creating innovative HR systems for the millennials and the role of technology. She also shared that how effective Data Analytics helps create innovative solutions.

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Mr Anupam Dutta, Director at Headway BPO Solutions, shared that they focus a lot on the needs of their employees and listen to their concerns intently to offer innovative solutions to them.

Ms Shweta Sharma, Founder at Collaborative Climate, mentioned that Collaboration is always at the core of Innovation as Innovation may happen in silo, but can only be taken further with a strong eco-system of people to support and forward it. She also shared that how at Solomo Media they even have a pet-dog that helps lighten the environment and encourages an Innovative Spirit overall (refer to Mr Singh’s note above on functions of brain when Innovating).

Mr Rajesh Kumar, VP Corporate Affairs at Vodafone, talked about his book that he’s writing on building world-class organisations and that how Innovation is an important element in that.

Quick Feedback Quotes:

Mr Narain: I look forward to more such sessions and even hosting them.

Mr Kidwai: It was a great experience here.

Mr Vasu: I have so much to take back; would love to host an Unconference at HCL.

Mr Kumar: I glad I came here.

Mr Dasgupta: This was a great session, look forward to next one.

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The Unconferences that we host are a medium to facilitate Collaborative and Informal Peer-learning; and we don’t charge our guests for that! These are small group (up to 15 participants at a time) Exclusive and Informal get-togethers. We create real and meaty discussions so everybody gets to take back their share of authentic learning.

Look forward to more in this space and if you would like to be invited for an Unconference, please write to us at contact@collaborativeclimate.com