Ditch Annoyance

Ditch Annoyance

If your team-members tend to stay irritated, talk back to each other, don’t/half listen and/or generally carry a grumpy face – there’s underlying Annoyance!

Annoyance takes the focus off from problems to people and no real solutions are realized; of course, things tend to get delayed.

There may be several reasons why they are annoyed and several ways to work this out.

We can work with you to identify the exact reasons and design/facilitate effective measures to bring back the

Employee Productivity and Engagement!

Reach us at contact@collaborativeclimate.com to know more about how we design and deliver Gamified Organisation Development Solutions to promote Value of Collaboration for Higher Productivity and Engagement at work!

2 thoughts on “Ditch Annoyance”

    1. Dear Lalit,

      It’s increasingly come to the fore that companies’ excessive focus on profit, business expansion and salary as reward has what disengaged employees. Even there are increased cases of stress and depression at work.

      Unfortunately, the massive real productivity loss is not tapped in all this.

      This doesn’t depict a wholesome work culture and something that breeds talent instead of hostility.

      We will be happy to work with you if you have such issues in your company.

      Team – Collaborative Climate

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