The Perfect Collaboration Tool

The Perfect Collaboration Tool

Team members not only can be clueless on what to collaborate on but also often lack resources to connect and collaborate with others.

Whether the team’s are spread far and wide or knit close geographically, using technology can be an effective method to enable this collaboration.

Features to look for in a collaboration tool:

1- Conversation enabler across functions & geographies

2- Knowledge-sharing in real-time

3- Gamification for Employee Engagement

4- Archives with easy-to-search functionality

5- Organisational-mood tracking

6- Analytics to gauge performance

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Unconference: Chapter #17

As per our recent survey on ‘need for tech-solutions at work’, 100% of the respondents agreed that using a tech-solution increases their productivity while only 29% of the respondents felt they are keeping up with the Tech-trends!

On January 11th, 2019 we organised 17th Unconference on ‘Adoption of Technology’ which was Hosted by IndusInd Bank and Pace Setted by RV Dinakar, Practice Leader – Human Capital Management at IBM.


At Collaborative Climate, we promote Value of Collaboration at work and KoSolve is our Gamified Collaboration and Knowledge Management tool for organisations. Our Unconferences are Collaborative and Informal Peer-learning experiences we host with Sr Leaders across industries and functions.

Here’s a summary about the Unconference #17.

RV Dinakar facilitated a discussion where he addressed:

Need for defining business challenge, Setting processes such as Acceptance Testing etc once a tech-solution is identified, Approach to Technology Model -> ‘Technology-Design-Implementation-Engagement’, Building a Change Management team, Ways to highlight benefits to the end-user, Enabling Collaboration between Business and IT Teams, Using an Agile Iterative Approach and much more


The Unconferencers were:

  1. Abhay Kapoor, HR Head (North) at Amazon
  2. Amit Narula, Zonal Head at IndusInd Bank
  3. Arun Karna, MD at AT&T India
  4. Manish Singhal, Head HR Analytics at Apollo LogiSolutions
  5. Misha Rai, GM Circle HR at Vodafone Idea
  6. Mohit Khanna, MD at Lloyd Insulations
  7. Namrata Bhraguwar, Associate Director IT at Indigo
  8. Noor us Saba Alam, Head of Research at Egon Zehnder
  9. Priyank Bajpai, Head Talent and Capability at Vodafone Idea
  10. Puja Kaishap, Associate Director at KPMG
  11. Ranjiv Kapur, MD at Anil Agencies
  12. Sandeep Das, GM HR at Aditya Birla Payments Bank
  13. Sandeep Tyagi, Director HR and L&D at Samsung Electronics
  14. Saurabh Sharma, Sr Manager Talent Acquisition at Ericsson
  15. Talish Ahmed, Management Trainee at Apollo LogiSolutions
  16. Usha Srivastava, HR and Admin Head at Vodafone Idea

And team at Collaborative Climate and KoSolve Pvt Ltd.


Collective Feedback Quote:

This was a very useful and informative discussion, we look forward to the next one.

We thank team at IndusInd, esp Amit Narula and RV Dinakar for co-creating the great experience. And of course the Unconferencers!