Unconference: Chapter #18

A leader plays the most crucial role in building a Collaborative Organisation, the right Direction is of utmost importance. Followed by Channels/platforms provided, and Interest to contribute and Affinity nurtured amongst team-members. DAIC is the norm to follow!

On Feb 26th 2019, we curated our 18th Unconference on ‘Building a Collaborative Organisation’. An event hosted by Vodafone Idea and Pace Setted by Ankur Warikoo, CEO, Nearbuy.

At Collaborative Climate, we promote Value of Collaboration at work and KoSolve is our Gamified Collaboration and Knowledge Management tool for organisations. Our Unconferences are Collaborative and Informal Peer-learning experiences we host with Sr Leaders across industries and functions.


Here’s a summary about the Unconference #18.

Ankur Warikoo facilitated a discussion about what all a leader has to do to ensure that the team-members stay collaborated. From ways to establishing trust to setting a culture of understanding & transparency. Also the aspects that inhibit collaboration and how to overcome them. Aspects such as hostility, unhealthy competition, knowledge flow bottle-necks, infrastructure etc.


The Unconferencers were:

    1. Abhay Parashar, Circle Retail Head at Vodafone Idea Limited
    2. Abhishek Srivastava, HRBP North and South at Aditya Birla Payments Bank
    3. Angira Agarwal, Circle VIBS Head at Vodafone Idea Limited
    4. Arvinder Singh, Circle Business Head at  Vodafone Idea Limited
    5. Farhan Shahid, Region HR Head at Sodexo
    6. Joypratip Sengupta, Circle Sales Head at Vodafone Idea Limited
    7. Misha Rai, GM Circle HR at Vodafone Idea
    8. Mohit Khanna, MD at Lloyd Insulations
    9. Natasha Sharma, Client Relations Lead at KoSolve Pvt Ltd
    10. Neehar Chaturvedi, Circle Network Head at Vodafone Idea Limited
    11. Nikhil Taneja, CHRO at S Chand
    12. Pamesh Gupta, Circle Operations Head at Vodafone Idea Limited
    13. Parag Bhattacharyya, Circle Commercial Head at Vodafone Idea Limited
    14. Priyank Bajpai, Head Talent and Capability at Vodafone Idea
    15. Puja Mehra, Circle Customer Service Head at Vodafone Idea Limited
    16. Ravi Swaroop, Circle Marketing Head at Vodafone Idea Limited
    17. Sandeep Das, GM HR at Aditya Birla Payments Bank
    18. Sandeep Kumar, HR and IR Head at Sodexo
    19. Shikha Rastogi, President and Group HR Head at ITV Network
    20. Shweta Sharma, Founder at Collaborative Climate and KoSolve Pvt Ltd
    21. Suneel Thakur, DGM Risk and BCM at VFS Global
    22. Sunil Pathak, Director HR at Cadence
    23. Usha Srivastava, Circle HR & A Head at Vodafone Idea Limited


Collective Feedback Quote:

We are glad that we joined today’s session; it was extremely helpful.

We thank team at Vodafone Idea, esp Usha Srivastava and Ankur Warikoo for co-creating the great experience. And of course the Unconferencers!


If you’d like to be part of our Unconferences, please mail us at contact@collaborativeclimate.com or support@kosolve.com

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