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The Perfect Collaboration Tool

The Perfect Collaboration Tool

Team members not only can be clueless on what to collaborate on but also often lack resources to connect and collaborate with others.

Whether the team’s are spread far and wide or knit close geographically, using technology can be an effective method to enable this collaboration.

Features to look for in a collaboration tool:

1- Conversation enabler across functions & geographies

2- Knowledge-sharing in real-time

3- Gamification for Employee Engagement

4- Archives with easy-to-search functionality

5- Organisational-mood tracking

6- Analytics to gauge performance

If you’re looking for such a Collaboration Tool, write to us for a demo of KoSolve. Email us at– support@kosolve.com or contact@collaborativeclimate.com

About KRAs

About KRAs

As per our recent industry-wide research, one of the top-three reasons for Non-Collaboration was ‘Lack of Clarity and Understanding of Self/Others’ KRAs – Key Responsibility Areas’.

This grandly affects the Productivity as the Problems either stay pending or wrong decisions are made. Further affecting overall morale.

While Knowing and Understanding KRAs may appear obvious; more than often it is not!

We can work with you to define and facilitate uniform understanding of KRAs through our step-by-step processes.

Reach us at contact@collaborativeclimate.com to know more about how we design and deliver Gamified Organisation Development Solutions to promote Value of Collaboration for Higher Productivity and Engagement at work!