DAIC Survey is an online survey that addresses the four most important factors that contribute to Collaborative Climate in an organization and therefore great Interpersonal Communication. The four factors are:

  • Direction – a leader’s involvement
  • Affinity – the bond of the team-members
  • Interest – personal inclination of each team-member
  • Channel – mediums that bring team-members together

At Collaborative Climate, we have identified the aspects within each domain above that facilitate collaboration and so the survey.

Yes we do, in fact DAIC Survey helps us understand the exact reasons that are demotivating the collaborative spirit of your team-members. This helps us build relevant and focused solutions to develop interpersonal communication and collaboration.

These solutions are presented as part of the report we submit post the survey.

We believe,collaboration isn’t something you merely add to improve how work is done. It also requires that you look at how you should be organized to do work more effectively. Improving collaboration often involves restructuring the organization. That might mean redeveloping work teams to improve information flows, redesigning jobs to make better use of that information, or incentivizing collaborative behavior. Once you have thought through how work should be done in the future, you should develop the organization to support it. ‘Form follows function’, as organization developers say.

You will get a report that will detail:

  • The thorough study of your organization’s interpersonal behavior.
  • The first-hand responses and emotions through our Personal Interviews.
  • An action plan and journey that will be customized and designed to bridge the gap-areas and the weak-links
  • Return on Investment strategy to ensure that the action plan and journey are effective and quantifiable.

The team at Collaborative Climate is a seasoned team with at least a decade’s experience in Organizational Behavior and Learning.

There are many feathers to each consultant’s hat and each has worked extensively across the industries and verticals. Our insights and study have helped us in designing the Collaborative Climate.

Moreover, we work very closely with our clients in ensuring the Effectiveness and ROI of the solutions that we execute.


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